Ben Stiller and Owen Wright Announce Zoolander 2 at Paris Fashion Week

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson walked the Maison Valentino last night at Paris Fashion Week to announce that Zoolander 2 will be produced for our viewing pleasure. If you haven’t even seen the first Zoolander  (trailer here) you have probably been living under a rock so make sure you check that out before this is released.

The movie has been confirmed for February 2016 and has said to follow the plot of Zoolander’s overweight son, Derek Junior. Although they haven’t released too much about the actual movie and its story line, I am content for now with watching the duo strut the runway in true Zoolander style.

Questions I am left with: Will Mugatu (Will Ferrell) return? Will the movie be as good as the first considering the Blue Steel was first posed over 14 years ago?

Check out the photos and video below for more.


01-zoolander-valentino-pfw-backstage02-zoolander-valentino-pfw-backstage07-zoolander-valentino-pfw-backstage 06-zoolander-valentino-pfw-backstage



Photos by Kevin Tachman.

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