Bobbies Paris: Loafers

Men  must make a choice when purchasing loafers or in fact any shoe. Do they buy the lower priced shoe and sacrifice quality, or pay for a top quality shoe which is ultimately over-priced?

This is something that has frustrated me for some time. Yes, there are some brands catering for this gap in the market, however there are few and the designs are disappointing. Those who find an efficient mix of a reasonable price point and high quality are successful. Value trumps all.

On this note, Bobbies Paris is a brand I would like to happily introduce.

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Founded in 2011 by two friends working and studying in Paris, Bobbies was dreamed to be  a brand which created high-quality, and exciting footwear. The two founders sought the brand to be an ambassador of the French way of life – ‘unique and sophisticated. Further inspired by the charm of Paris, their global travels and their obsession with loafers – Bobbies was born.

Their shoes are colourful, flamboyant and exceptionally good looking.

The majority of men (and me at times) are often scared away by shoes which push the boundaries with bright colouring or obscure features, but there is something about the design of the Bobbies design which makes them classy and wearable.

“Throughout summer and winter, Bobbies brings colour to life and promises a vibrant and joyful experience. “1264054_10151844089690629_1416802829_o

They also seek to cater their shoes (particularly the loafers) for all seasons of the year.

If you view their winter collection, you will notice that there are still a ton of shoes with bright colouring and exciting patterns – a great way to spice up your winter wardrobe.

On the other hand, this means that Bobbies are offering a product that isn’t hit by the traditional stigma of being a ‘summer shoe’ which to be honest can’t really be applied to Australia considering our climate.


I love all that Bobbies as a brand encompasses. French flair. Quality. Fun. Class. Not to mention the huge range on offer.

There is literally something for everyone on their site – dozens and dozens of different colours, or styles or shapes. They tick all of the boxes. They feature a reasonable price, are of a high quality and there is a huge selection to choose from. What more could you want?


Bobbies have indeed reinvented the loafer. Not through shape or radical innovation, but by simply mixing a bit of french flair, quality and some fun. They are pushing the boundaries of what it really means to wear a loafer and refreshing a shoe design that has been around for decades.

All of the Bobbies range are manufactured in workshops in Portugal using fine Italian leather and traditional craftsmanship. You can check out a video of how they’re manufactured here.


With hundreds of stockists around the world, a flagship store in the heart of the Marais, and endless designs – Bobbies is a brand you should surely have in your sights.

There are plenty of brands out their offering quality loafers out there, but it is up to you on what price you want to pay. For a unique design and decent price – hard to not give Bobbies a go!

To purchase or find out more you can head to their website or Facebook.


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