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In recent times, where Daniel Wellington watches reign supreme, and the majority of consumers seek a sleek, good looking and timeless watch without the traditional price tag – Brathwait appears.




I respect and admire their no bulls**t approach and transparency they provide to the consumer. Whether this is simply a marketing tool to sell more watches, or they actually are slicing their profits is irrelevant. The fact is this you pay very little money in comparison with other brands, and you are left with an excellent time piece. They argue that the degree of luxury should not be decided by re-sellers, but rather the actual producers.This means the brand is essentially creating competitive advantage by their price point, rather than raising the price of their watches and spending this money on marketing activities.


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The watch was designed using the principles of the golden ratio which is found in phenomena such as the Milkyway, roses and sea shells. This ratio is regarded as the perfect design ratio to the high and perfect for a timeless and simple wrist watch. The thin 7.5 mm case of the watch is made from stainless steel, features a Swiss precision movement and is water resistant to 100 metres. The watch also includes a beautiful leather strap which features a one size fits all approach thanks to the convenient buckle fastening.

Here are the components of the watches with cost of production:




With free shipping and free returns, you really can’t go wrong with a Braithwait product. Rarely will you find such a good looking piece at such a low price point. Their marketing strategies are something I would love to see in more brands, along with their transparency and straight-up approach.

Want to see more of the watch? Scroll down. If not check out their website here.



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