Bremont and Jaguar Collaborate on MKI & MKII

6 months after announcing their partnership, Bremont and Jaguar have cemented their long-term relationship by releasing their latest collaboration of two models, the MKI and MKII, which will be released at Baselworld in March of this year.

Both models are inspired by one of the most beautiful and iconic sports car of all time, the Jaguar E-Type. The design looked to encapsulate the beauty and style of the E-Type and transfer it into a classical wrist watch. The two components which are notably obvious in the watch’s appearance are the steering wheel and dashboard.


The model’s have been created in response to the high-demand for a more affordable version of the previous E-Type tribute watches because the previous collection featured white gold and aluminium features which put the pricing around the $40000 mark. The two new models, both made of stainless steel will most definitely be priced at a fraction of that, making it more accessible for many car lovers and other E-Type owners.

In addition, a double domed crystal has been used to give it a true vintage appeal. This crysytal is actually made by Bremont in the UK, and thanks to their Trip-Tick technology they claim that is is seven times harder that normal steel.

a double-domed crystal to enhance the vintage appearance of the watch – is made entirely in the UK by Bremont using its renowned, three-part ‘Trip-Tick’ technology which ensures a hardness seven times greater than that of a normal steel watch.

Both watches are made with clear sapphire glass on the front and rear,  and the movement and inner mechanisms are visible through a clear case-back with an E-Type steering wheel motif. The MKI bears mostly the same dial as the ‘Lightweight’  model seen in the last six watch collection from the two brands.

The MKI I has a unique dial and excellent combination of sub-dials which pay tribute to the classical E-Type and really take you back to the 60’s. On the dial, both the MKI and MKII feature a red-line which is a mirror image from the tachometer seen in the old versions of the E-Type.







As stated before, the MKI has a pretty similair design to the Lighweight model from the previous collaboration between Jag and Bremont, apart from the date window at o’clock which has been added. I like this watch, it is essentially classic throughout all of the elements, and it reflects the era in which the E-Type was at its prime.

However, my favourite element of the watch is definitely the automatic winding weight which comes in the form of a three spoke E-Type steering wheel, with the detailed Jaguar logo at its centre.







The MKII reigns supreme over both models (as will be reflected in price) and takes you right back to the 1960’s and sits you in one of the famous E-Types. The numerals pay tribute to the instruments in the classic E-Type, as well as the extra additions of the retro Jaguar logo and red line form the tachymeter.

The MKII features a similair see-through case back however is slightly more intricate with a BE-50 AE automativ movement and three-spoke steering wheel design.

As a bit of a hint for the future,Co-founder of Bremont Giles English stated “They are certainly very meaningful to us, not least because they mark the formalisation of Bremont’s partnership with Jaguar, which means we shall be working closely with Ian and the design team on future projects in the long-term.”

If you want to find out more information about the watch or possibly purchasing the collection, please go here.

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