Bremont Kingsman Special Edition Collection 1

Bremont Kingsman Special Edition Collection

Classic British tailoring, the British Secret Service and incredible actors all come together to create the highly-anticipated Kingsman, an exhilarating feature film which takes a different angle on the typical Spy story. The film is based on a comic book series made in 2012 by Mark Millar and Dave Gibons and is the plot tells the story of a super spy who recruits his nephew to join the Scecret Service.

Director of Kingsman, Matthew Vaughn further conceptualised the idea when he was having a suit tailored at the famous Hunstman Tailors.

He says, “I was having a suit made at Huntsman, where all the rich and powerful have had their suits made since Queen Victoria, and I got bored and started imagining what would happen if I pressed a secret button and the whole room became an elevated lift going down into a secret lair. And this idea of the tailor being the shopfront of a spy organisation was moulded.”

Vaughn took his idea to the next level by wanting to use British heritage designers to collaborate and create the different items of the costume designs and then make these items available to the public. The amount of times guys see James Bond in a movie and say, ‘oh I wish I had a suit like that‘, or ‘ I want a watch like that‘, is endless. Everyone wants to look like their favourite character or at least have one item which gives reference to the movie.

Now viewers can actually buy the clothes that they see on the screen, for example what suit Colin Firth is wearing in the scene where he stylishly fights off a variety of youths. To see the trailer you can go here or to see the full collection of clothing, go here.

With the recent release of the Kingsman, we thought it be appropriate to let you know about the watches worn throughout the movie by Kingsmen and their trainees.




Thanks to Bremont’s military background and passion for aviation, it seemed that this young English brand was the perfect fit to create a special edition watch for the film. Indeed, Bremont was approached and they were asked if they would like to contribute to the Kingsman collection and create a special edition model. Bremont spotted the oppurtunity to be part of something unique, and decided to take part in the caollaboration. What came next was magnificent.

The costume designers already had a design they wanted to base the model from, which was the Bremont ALT1 family. Bremont worked from this design and decided on a`BE-54AE movement with a 42 hour power reserve, as well as features worthy of any Secret Service spy.

The watch features a tricompax design for the chronograph with a 24-hour world timer. The bi-directional internal bezel lists the names of cities in 24 different time zones and is controlled by the crown at 8 o’clock. The dial has hours, minutes and seconds at the centre, and a tipped 24 hour hand. This 24 hour hand references the correct hour once the desired city has been selected on the bezel.

The special edition model is available in Rose Gold, Stainless Steel and Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) and is carried by different high-quality leather straps.



Out of the three options, the Rose Gold is the most expensive by far (over 3 times the price of the others) and definitely the most elegant. This was Bremont’s first case they have ever made out of solid gold, and this addition reflects the extended price range. The top agents in the movie wear the Rose Gold, whereas the training agents where the full black DLC watch.

There is something about the combination of the rose gold case, white metal dial and uncluttered dial design which makes this model so gentlemanly and modest. Add the signature Kingsman type mark and you have yourself a very special time piece.

The black edition of the collection has the rotor, caseback and screws all DLC coated and is held by a black calfskin strap and has a black metal dial. This model is the least expensive and has an excellent military feel and style.

The third model’s case, screws and case back are created with a lovely stainless steel. It comes with a classic brown calfskin strap and is the most modest and understated edition of this collection. If you are looking for a timeless watch with a little bit of character, this is a perfect options considered it is three times less than the Rose Gold option.


After working with the likes of Jaguar and other military organisations, this collaboration adds to Bremont’s already-thriving 13 year history. Congratulations to Bremont for creating such an excellent collection which perfectly supplements the costume design worn by the main actors in the Kingsman.

I dont know about you, but seeing these watches on the wrists of Secret Service agents, as well as Colin Firth and Michael Caine makes me really, really want one. Co-founder of Bremont, Nick English was so excited for the film he actually made a cameo appearance in the movie as one of the Kingsmen (as seen above).

You can buy the Bremont Special Edition Kingsman Collection at MR.PORTER or find out more about Bremont in Australia at MAD Associates.

Additionally, you can hear a bit more about the Bremont collaboration and new collection in the below video from MR.PORTEER and Co-founder of Bremont, Nick English.


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