Brisbane: 5 X Menswear Stores You Should Know

Brisbane doesn’t have a huge number of boutique or flagship menswear stores, but you can still easily find some great clothing options if you know where, and when to look. We wanted to give you an update on 5 stores you should know about. Although you can find them in other cities and yes they are online, we still recommend doing your in-store shopping there.


David Jones

The mega-store David Jones has long been in a tussle with Myer for market share and overall dominance. In my opinion, DJs is more expensive, but they offer more high-end brands and is better catered for menswear than Myer. Although their median prices are fairly high, if you shop at the right times, you can score some awesome bargains and save a heap of cash. Their stores are constantly having different types of sales and they have the power to discount big, consider signing up to their email list to keep up to date. At the end of June we will see their End Of Financial Year sale which is always one of their biggest.





Similar to DJs, Myer has the market power to discount big. They also have some great menswear brands and have a huge range of clothing options to choose from. Recently they have been bringing on-board some new brands and are making an effort to stay relevant. The same advice goes for as above, wait for the sales.

Myer Maticevski finale



M.J Bale

M.J Bale now has 3 stores in Brisbane (excluding Myer outlets) which include their Indropilly store, DFO store and Brisbane City pop-up. Word has it that they are set to open up one of their biggest stores in Australia in the city sometime soon, which is exciting news for the CBD. Although the brand is relatively new on the scene, the founder of M.J Bale Matt Jensen has a wealth of experience when it comes to menswear and suiting, and his new-found brand is the peak of his work. Quality suiting, shirting and accessories are being offered at affordable prices, and we would highly recommend it.




Brooks Brothers

Considered one of the oldest American retailers, BB offers very good quality. Their prices start quite high, but if you love it just buy it, the quality is exceptional….Or you could just wait for a sale, they come fairly often.




The Cloak Room

The Cloak Room has somewhat of a dull online presence, however we surely hope you don’t miss it. The brand started in Brisbane in 2007 and has added on two new brands, a read-to-wear clothing brand called Pistols At Dawn and a made-to-measure denim service called Initial Denim. So whether you are need of some denim, a suit or some very cool casual wear, pop into their CBD store located on Edward Street.


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