Christian Kimber: Passport Collection Released to Public

After a long waiting period for many eager menswear enthusiasts, the Passport Collection by Christian Kimber is now finally live. With the designs being influenced by Christian’s life experiences and surrounding environment, he brings a fresh and unique perspective to his latest range of footwear and accessories.

Shop the collection here.


Here are our favorites…

2DC_3181_grande 2DC_3264_grande 2DC_3202_grande 2DC_3247_grande 2DC_3495a_grande 2DC_3542_a007eba9-5220-4d26-b70a-7d50e738f681_grande 2DC_3544_grande 2DC_3191_grande 2DC_3397_grande 2DC_3479_grande 2DC_3348_689d038e-d92a-47d0-b575-0a683a0c7a42_grande

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