Cool S**t: Mont Saint-Michel ‘Supertide’

Millions of people across Europe were treated to the viewing of a rare solar eclipse last week. This phenomenon also meant large tides across England, France and other parts of the continent. An island not far from the shores of France called Mont Saint-Michel (a very famous French landmark which is a world heritage site) attracted nearly thirst thousand people to see what they are calling‘tide of the century‘, which engulfed the island and made the usually accessible-by-foot attraction isolated.

Although there were two drownings in the region over those days, this didn’t deter people from wanting to get a look at the apparent ‘supertide’.

The spring tide peaked at a record high 14 metres, which is a coefficient of 119 out of a maximum of 120. See the photos below.


Mont Saint-Miche as is normally…


Mont Saint-Michel during the large tide…

 26D8A4BE00000578-3005352-image-a-25_1426939666193 26D8B2AA00000578-3005352-image-a-22_1426939645983 26D8D0FD00000578-3005352-image-a-17_1426939629440 26DE714B00000578-3005352-image-a-90_1426956159307 26D897FB00000578-3005352-image-a-16_1426939623368


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