A killer outfit, a killer location, and a good group of friends… What else do you need for a great night out? A pristine leather wallet is another great addition, but what about a bottle opener to go with it? The amount of times I have broken beers and/or myself trying to open beer bottles on all kind of surfaces is just plain stupid. Sure, a bottle opener is no prerequisite for a good night, but hell, it makes things a lot easier. Some of you are probably thinking, what is this guy on about? They open the beer for you at a bar. Well you know what, some of people’s night are usually spent at a household or house party, not an overpriced bar where you pay $9 for a conveniently opened beer. If you only go to bars, and clubs, and really never open a beer, just stop reading. If you are intrigued, please continue…




Okay in all seriousness, this article is actually focused on a pretty cool collaboration between our good friends Hecho A Mano Co and CRAFTD. The two creatives have teamed up two of their products to form an ultimate male accessory. If you have read the blog before, you are probably well aware of Mitch Barber and the high-quality wallets he hand makes for his label Hecho A Mano Co. So what have they actually done? Mitch has altered the design of one of his wallet products to accommodate a seriously cool bottle opener from CRAFTD. The opener conveniently slides into the back pocket of the wallet, and is extremely thin and no bigger than the wallet itself. All in all, it is pretty much just like carrying another credit card in your wallet.

Why should you get one? Well if you have issues opening your beer, and don’t want to look like a singlet-wearing bogan using your bottle opening thongs or Billabong key ring to open your beer, this is for you. A creative, classy and stylish way to carry a bottle opener. If you want to see more of the product, scroll down.

Want one?  You can get it here.








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