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Yes we all love a good Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger shirt, for some reason the fact you bought a so-called expensive brand makes you feel good. But really, you are predominately paying a lot just for that tiny cotton brand icon on your chest, and missed out on investing that money elsewhere – investing it in quality. I’m not saying that these brands don’t offer good quality, as they definitely do, I am just saying maybe its time you took your wardrobe a bit more seriously and spend your money on good quality and well-fitting items, rather than those with a brand stigma. Here’s a good collection of brands to consider all of which offer online made-to-measure or off-the rack shirts, all great for formal or casual wear.

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M.J Bale


What we like: All of their products are at an affordable price point. They have a large range of products so there is always something you will like.




What we like: Patrick Johnson and his team of tailors is absolutely eating up the Sydney tailoring market. Their products all feature high-quality and versatile styling. The price is slightly higher, but you certainly get your money’s worth.


Harmont and Blaine

MFT_foto Harmont1

What we like: One of the best in casual shirting and offer deconstructed and unique shirts perfect for summer and that awesome ‘boating’ style. The little sausage dog on your chest is also pretty sweet.


Suit Supply


What we like: Like P.Johnson in Sydney, Suit Supply is dominating the global menswear game. They continue to offer extremely cool menswear items at attractive prices. All of their suits use high-quality Italian fabrics and their shirts have lovely structure. They also have a Sydney store in the works, which is exciting for consumers, but utterly daunting for other Australian menswear brands.


Brooks Brothers


 What we like: Considered one of the oldest American retailers, BB offers very good quality. Their prices can vary quite a lot, however you can secure some great shirts for just over $100.



What we like: Drakes are an iconic English brand. Their products are classic, timeless and usually without fault. They only use the highest of quality fabrics, meaning all of their products are exceptional – their shirts aren’t bad too.


Hermen Menswear

What we like: Hermen offer simple, well-structured shirts for both formal and casual wear. Their shirts won’t break the bank and it is ridiculously simple to order from their made-to-measure service. Create your account, put on your measurements and c’est tout. They also have some lovely long and short sleeve linen shirts in various colours.


Country Road


What we like:  We love Country Road mainly due to their affordability and simple design. They never go crazy with any products and each new collection is fairly predictable. What you are left with is simple, wearable and slick items, perfect for any gentleman. Oh, and it’s very affordable.


TM Lewin


What we like: These guys are quite well known and are masters at traditional, simple business wear. Recently however I have noticed some very cool shirts around Myer from the brand which had me very impressed. Even more exciting, the shirts were $99!




What we like: When I first viewed their products online I was skeptical. Until I had one of the brand’s products in my hands at a Polo event, and I realised how good the quality actually was. Vibrant colours and a preppy style define the brand, and although not for everyone, they release some pretty awesome products.


Ted Baker


What we like: Ted Baker have a large mixture of unique items which I’m sure certainly scare off a bunch of guys. Amongst the over-the-top designs and metro styling, they have some very attractive, high-quality products. You can’t order from the Ted Baker store online, however they have plenty of boutique stores around and are available in all David Jones’.




What we like: Affordable, affordable, affordable. Simple shirts, nothing fancy, reasonable quality, at low prices.

Club Monaco


What we like: Club Monaco design their shirts with pale colouring and clean cuts. They come in around the mid-range for shirts and are well worth checking out. Along with their website, you can also buy them at MR.PORTER.

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