Hermen Menswear: Autumn/Winter 2015 + Knitwear Launch

In 2013, Hermen Menswear revolutionized their website and integrated an online measurement platform which allowed customers to create their own profiles, input their unique measurements and easily place orders. In 2014, they now have their sights set on taking their brand from a made-to-measure suiting business, to a brand which offers many different menswear solutions such as custom chinos, knitwear, shirting, ties, scarves and overcoats.

What I love about Hermen is the way they design their cl0thing with functionality and simplicity mind. They create clothes which are wearable, and for every day use. They create clothes which you can wear to the office, but which allow you to easily transition into other environment such as post-work drinks or dinner. Versatile clothing in my opinion is hard to come by, and that’s why I believe Hermen is worth your consideration. But before you go off exploring their site for your next suit, let me tempt you with a run down of their latest knitwear range.


























This new knitwear range from Hermen is epic. You can get yourself a piece of knitwear which is simple, stylish and high-quality for $89. Plus, you  you aren’t short of choice for styles. The range includes knitted-polos (a favourite of ours), cardigans, roll necks and high crews in various different colours such as Navy, Charcoal, Cobalt and Grey.

We got to road test a couple of styles recently, and let me tell you they are extremely comfortable, so you may need to hide it from your girlfriend. The quality is great too, even for the $89 range which is made from merino wool, and is the perfect thickness for layering under a jacket or coat.

The $129 range however takes the range to another level. It is sensational. A mixture of cashmere and merino wool gives the two  V-Neck and Crew Neck styles an ultra soft feel. Although $30 more expensive than the rest of the range, it makes all the difference in my opinion. These two items also come with a few more colour options including Navy, Indigo, Sky, British Green, Charcoal, Grey and Taupe.





















As I said at the beginning, Hermen’s design offer sublime versatility. For example, just take a look at the various photos in this article and on their website and you can see the basics ways you can layer the knitwear. These knits look great as an outer layer simply worn over a shirt, but also look equally as good under a jacket with or without a tie. You don’t need to change up your wardrobe too much during winter. Simply get yourself a crew neck, or cardigan for example and use it as an added layer. The high-quality Merino wool will keep you warmer than ever without suffocating your body or reducing your functionality.



Although Hermen don’t release too many seasonal ranges, there have been some awesome additions over the past 2 months. My favourite of all the releases, has certainly been the addition of the custom chino trousers. Buying a pair of off-the-rack chinos for casual wear is simple, however finding a pair for more formal wear (like the above photos) can be difficult.  For the amount of wear you get from such a staple item, the investment is certainly worth it.

Other worthy mentions include the new Cashmere/Woolen scarves and coats just in time for Winter and the drop in temperature. A couple new styles in the shirting department have been added, but our favourite is certainly the Indigo Collar Shirt, an off navy colour which is extremely versatile with or without a jacket.

In the jackets department there have been a few additions  including a brown corduroy jacket and a much heavier Sports Jacket called the Boheme Blu which has a 550 gram fabric weight and is perfect for the colder climates.


hero-crew-taupe-SLIDER   hero-coat-cashmeregrey-SLIDER





















Be assured that there is much more to come from Hermen. If their latest knitwear range isn’t enough to tempt your purchase appetite, I am certain their next range will! The brand will continue to expand their range and offer quality menswear items at not-so-expensive prices.

Be on the look out over the next few weeks as we are going to take a more in-depth and personal look at their knitwear range.

For now be sure to head to their websiteFacebook and Instagram.

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