Introducing Twelve Tailors – Versatile Tailoring

Monsieur & Moi’s good friend Benjamin Capuano has recently launched his latest venture – Twelve Tailors, a modern made-to-measure clothier in Melbourne.You may recognise the name from our previous article on SUITYOURSTYLE a similair made-to-measure company which has recently changed name, however Ben is no longer a part of this.

Although featuring Benjamin’s  casual, relaxed and effortless signature style, the company takes a slightly alternative angle to suiting and your wardrobe.

Versatility is paramount. As Ben says ‘we make clothing for daily life.’ Which in my opinion, is the way it ought to be.
28e715ef2460bed9d12978c3eb91b6e2 Although yes, you do  need a killer tux, and other unique items for special occasions. Why treat a suit like its a chore, and something that always has to be formal? If you are going to wear something consistently through out the week, why not endeavor to make it comfortable, and style it to suit all occasions.

Ben’s approach to tailoring, with soft shoulders, limited lining and a natural drape means your suits are just formal enough for those necessary occasions, but versatile enough to wear as a blazer on a casual outing or to after-work drinks. Apart from suiting, Twelve Tailors also deliver other high-quality products like chinos and overcoats – which I might add are extremely cool.

Looking to freshen up your wardrobe? Or want to be versatile from the office to dinner? Have a chat with Ben and see what happens, he might just happen to be your new favourite tailor.

We caught up with Ben just recently, check out what he had to say below.


Hi Benjamin!


Twelve Tailors has only just popped up on the scene, what’s your story?

I was working within a retail start-up company for nearly 3 years (formally -suityourstyle.com.au) that was participating in the ‘online experiment’ for custom clothing.

I have since left and set up a ‘by appointment only’ service for made-to-measure clothing.

Twelve Tailors will have an on-line store launching soon, though this will only stock ready to wear garments and accessories.


What’s the essence of Twelve Tailors? I know the angle you are taking on how and when men wear the suit is different from the norm.

Our message is ‘Clothing for a life less usual’.

Melbourne has a very social culture, out 5 nights a weeks and lunching every other day.. I like suits, or rather clothing that is versatile. Jackets and pants that can be mismatched, jackets that can be worn with a sweater and sneakers or whatever. You don’t need 10 suits, just 3 or 4 that have been thought out.. then add something new to that rotation a couple of times a year if it pleases you.

Even top level management are seldom wearing the Patrick Batemen style suits anymore, you’ll see them in something softer, lighter & more rumpled. Its tailored casual.




How do you define formal/business wear versus casual wear?

I define business & formal as being ‘appropriate’ or traditional, theres room to mix things up, but you always colour in between the lines.

That being said, I don’t think there is a big calling for those occasions anymore. I think there is a romantic connection to a place or occasion that transforms us, you get that when you’re in the city in a dark 3 piece, or dinner suit – but in reality you’ll get a lot more wear out of a light open weave suit or cotton pants & an odd jacket.


I don’t know what suit I want. What should I get?

A grey suit. Never seen North by North West?

We’ll do that but modernise it… Something in a mid-grey hopsack, nailhead or flannel & make it more natural on the shoulders, so the jacket can be broken up on its own.


What is the process of getting a suit from Twelve Tailors?

Send an email to hello@twelvetailors.com.

Feel free to make a time to just come by for a coffee, or to have a chat about what we can do.



Where are your materials sourced and products created?

Fabric is from a select handful of mills in Italy & the U.K. Namely Holland & Sherry, Fox Brothers & Co, Ermenegildo Zegna, Cerruti 1881, & Dugdale.


When life gives you lemons…?

I’m from Melbourne… so ill probably put them in a vegan/gluten free smoothie to alkalise or something.


The best thing about 2015 will be…

Jimmy Grants opening up around the corner from my house.


What is on the horizon for Twelve Tailors?

We’re taking it super easy, we’ll be focusing on our product & making sure our proposition is always representing top value. Simple.


…By the way we’re called Twelve Tailors ‘cause we’re on the Twelfth & top floor of number 2, Queen Street… Inside the private,Candela Nuevo Lounge.


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