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LINJER: Leather Goods

I have a great admiration for simplistic design. The ability for something to look so appealing, but have few elements has always interested me and I find myself constantly opting for minimalistic items. From clothing to interior design - less is more. That’s why when I first noticed Linjer on one of my social media platforms, I knew I had to feature the brand.

So I happily dropped an email in the Linjer contact box, and promptly received a reply from Roman, one of the founders of the brand. He and fellow founder Jenn both worked in corporate professions, and like many others struggled to find a suitable leather accessory to house their documents and electronics. However, this was not because nothing had the appropriate design, it merely came down to price and quality. I too have found the same issue, you either pay a lower price of around $300 and receive a low quality item, and if you want the better quality you are paying anywhere north of $1000. For some this is a problem. If you check out Linjer and their products, I am sure you would agree that they have found a solution to this issue.


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The designs that they have constructed are a pure joy. Both minimalistic and elegant, each product is constructed with full grain and vegetable tanned leather – meaning they are top quality. The exclusion of large logos and patterns allows you to really appreciate the leather, and over time will permit the leather to age and transform into a unique piece over the coming years.

Linjer (prounced liin-yir), which actually means ‘lines’ in Norwegian sells to you directly online, meaning they can offer you extremely high-quality items, at a very attractive price. The price point during their kickstarter campaign is less than $400, which is a great price for an accessory with such a  long life. Unfortunately, the brand hasn’t officially launched yet and you can’t order from their website. So how do you get a Linjer product? You need to contribute on their Indiegogo page, which has now raised $14,000 more than it’s goal. If not you can check out their Facebook or Instagram.


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