Linjer SS15 Collection (1)

Linjer New Products and Free Wallet

Linjer have just released their latest collection of leather goods which features some very clean wallets and a tote bag all with black, navy, cognac and mocha colour options.

The collection features Linjer’s signature high-quality leather, as discussed in the previous article on Linjer we wrote. I like the way in which the brand design their items because they are simple, functional and allow the leather to speak for itself.

The beautiful thing about leather is that you don’t need fancy patterns, or extravagant designs, it is a material that (in my opinion) looks its best ‘as is.’

There’s really not much more information you need to know about their new collection (which you can see on their website), the pictures are pretty self-explanatory – beautiful leather that has been crafted into functional products.

The best thing though, is that Monsieur & Moi readers have the chance to win one of these awesome wallets! Please see below how to enter the competition and more photos of their new collection.

This competition has finished, but the products are now available here.


Win a Linjer wallet!

Work Tote

A handsome tote to carry your laptop and documents in style.

Tote 1


Vertical Wallet

Simple and compact. Four thumb-friendly slots for easy access to your cards.

Vertical wallet 2


Billfold Wallet

Lean and clean. Our take on the classic wallet. All unnecessary layers eliminated to cut the bulk. Ideal everyday companion.

Billfold 1



No bells and whistles. One slot for bills and four thumb-friendly slots for easy access to your cards.

Cardholder 1


Passport Wallet

On the move. Organize all your travel documents and tuck them into your back pocket. Comes with a handmade Japanese Walkie Pen.

Passport holder 2

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