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Mens Fashion Blogger: Finding Your Style

* This is a guest article from Miles Wharton of Mens Fashion Blogger.

Experiment with different outfits, shoes and accessories.

You’ll never know until you try. However cliché you think that may be – it’s true. Experimenting is all about wearing something new and subtly stepping out of your comfort zone. We aren’t saying go and wear something you don’t like – just keep trying new things and expanding your style.

How will you know if your new outfit or menswear item suits you? Great style is subjective, some people will like what you wear, while others will not. It is honestly about what you think looks good, if it fits the environment you are in and if you feel confident.

A great way to get some feedback on new clothes or ideas is to simply ask a friend.


Research what’s happening in the menswear scene.You don’t have to be fashionista or be in the fashion industry to keep up to date with new styles and brands. Treat it like reading the newspaper. Visit menswear blogs you like at least once a week, or better yet, simply subscribe to one or two of your favourites.Some informative blogs we consistently read are Mr.Volpato and Monsieur & MoiMR.PORTER also features some very useful style tips and cool interviews with stylish men from around the world.Follow people who you admire or think dress well.

Like anything in life, learn from others. You can easily pick up the simplest little tips or wardrobe ideas from men who you respect. This technique gives you an instant insight into how different outfits can look and ensures you are researching a similar style to what you are aspiring for.

You can start by following your chosen person/s on all their social media platforms and begin taking note of small details in their outfits. From here you can slowly start to add new additions to your outfit and over time will build your own personal style.


Stay True to yourself.

As an extension from the above point, remember to always dress how you want to and don’t go copying someone else’s outfit item for item. What is the use? Copying someone really just means you aren’t being confident in yourself.View your style like a project. You know how you wan’t to look, but you are researching what other people you admire are wearing, because you want to be informed.

This research is going to allow you to improve how you dress and shape your own personal style. It isn’t going to happen overnight, it will take time, so be patient.For now, simply follow your gut and make sure you get the fit right, as that is the most understated and important factor to how you dress.

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