With Movember only just kicking off, this article couldn’t come at a better time. Mr.Hardy’s Gentlemen’s Emporium is an online shopping experience which features the best of men’s grooming from around the world. You can find products from brands such as Baxter of California, Triumph & Disaster, The Bearded Man Co and Bluebeards Revenge, to name just a few.

Beards have rarely been socially acceptable, particularly in the business world and are usually associated with bad hygiene and laziness. Thus, the importance of grooming products to keep facial hair presentable and healthy to go along with the trending beard movement is essential.

The use of regular shampoos on facial hair is catastrophic and will usually leave skin dry and irritated. Mr.Hardys aims to provide relevant product which makes it simple to condition and style facial hair for the aspiring or veteran beard grower.

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Although the emporium has a strong focus on those with facial hair, those who opt to stay clean shaven are well taken care of. The online store offers many various shaving and body products which will keep your skin as smooth and healthy as possible.

But for those are simply letting their top lip loose for this month to support a great cause, why not go the full mile and style that little bit of bum fluff? A touch of Ylang Ylang Moustache Wax should do the trick and ensure your mo is looking better than ever.

There is a ton of product to choose from on the Mr.Hardys online store which you can check out here.
Mr.Hardys Grooming Kit Giveaway
We had a chat with Ben Mos,Creative Director at Mr Hardy’s Gentlemen’s Emporium to find out a bit more and get his insight. You can scroll down to check out the interview, but check out this competition first! To celebrate Movember and their introduction to Monsieur & Moi, Mr.Hardys is giving away the ultimate men’s grooming kit.


Interview with Creative Director – Ben Mos.

Where did your interest for grooming and hair come from?
It all happened about 18 months, I started growing a beard for no real reason to be honest and all of a sudden, my beard and moustache got so long I needed some serious help keeping it looking presentable!

When I started my search for beard care products, I couldn’t find products that inspired me, so I decided to put together a collection of grooming products that suited my lifestyle and hopefully inspired other guys to think about their grooming options. Mr Hardy’s represents every man’s alter-ego and encourages men to experiment with their style, in style.


What’s so cool about beards and moustaches?
There are no rules anymore, growing your facial hair is one of the most natural things for a guy to do. Beards and mo’s come in all shapes, sizes, textures, colours and no beard is the same. You also get a real sense of someone’s personality by the way they grow their beard. Instagram and Pintrest have also helped make beards more acceptable and arguably more fashionable, just check out guys like Ricki Hall!

Do you think men should pay attention to their grooming, and why?
In my opinion grooming does not start and stop with just your facial hair. Men’s style and their grooming habits can be adapted so effortlessly and with the right combination of skin care, shaving and face and body products, any guy can look and smell superb!

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How do your products assist overall?
The products in Mr Hardy’s Gentlemen’s Emporium are designed specifically for men and will help improve and condition your skin and hair; whilst contributing to a remarkable and long-lasting grooming experience.

What is the importance of using skin products? And how can your products help males out?
Every day, we expose our skin to the conditions that surround us. This could be as simple as using the subway to get to work and we all get that feeling of wanting to wash the day off! The products represented at Mr Hardy’s Gentlemen’s Emporium have been crafted using a combination of science and nature to deliver exceptional skin care results and leave your skin feeling revitalised and healthy.

What would be your staple items for men’s grooming?
I would say skin care products, with healthy skin brings more confidence, better hair growth and a more balanced complexion.


How does grooming relate to style?
Looking and feeling good starts with our bare skin. Style is just an extension of our personality through the use of clothing, shoes and accessories. I think grooming allows us to simply apply the finishing touches to achieve a great look.

What’s happening in the future for Mr Hardys?
We want to expand our offering and are always on the lookout for new and exciting boutique brands to add to the emporium. Accessories and giftware is an interest for us as well.


For more check out Mr.Hardys on Facebook or Instagram.





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