Sebastian Cruz Pocket Squares

If you love luxury, and want something flamboyant or a statement piece, Sebastian Cruz pocket squares are probably an item that you should look into. Their products are designed for daring men who want to express their uniqueness, individuality and style

All products are hand stitched in the United States and made with extremely high-quality materials from France, Italy, Egypt and Turkey. The product, it’s packaging and the brand all exemplify luxury in a unique and vibrant way.


A Sebastian Cruz pocket square makes wearing a suit every day fun and expressive, and adds a touch of class in an non-conservative way, unlike most luxury items.

Ultimately, their products speak for themselves and you can see from the pictures what you are getting, however what you can’t see is the insane quality of the items which is reflected in their relatively high price. But let me tell you, once you have one in your hands you will completely understand!

The team at Sebastian Cruz Aus have given us a handy 10% off for all of your purchases, just click the link below to check out more.

Discount Code: Monsieur


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