2014 Spring Racing Part Two: The Rest

Not to the fun stuff.Considering Derby Day is this weekend, it is a little overdue… but there is still time. We talked about different suiting options in Part 1 of our Spring Racing Guide (not really a guide as was planned), so now we can start to put the rest of your outfit together for the races. Here are a few of our thoughts for the different accessories to go with your suit. Check it out.


Derby Day

A day where black and white is essential – stay traditional. But does this mean your outfit needs to be boring? Of course not, you need to split yourself apart. A crisp black tie and white shirt ensures you are looking sleek and modern. A four-in-hand knot on your tie or unsymmetrical equivalent will add some character – stay away from the Windsor, its not a funeral.

Some hues of yellow, blue, red, green or orange should run subtlety through your outfit. The ultimate way to throw in some colour is to add a nice lapel flower, which for Derby Day is the blue cornflower. Derby Day is not about being vibrant and peacockish, it is about wearing a well-fitted suit, and making a traditional and somewhat bleak outfit  look as good as possible!

P.S – A high-quality pair of black leather lace ups is essential.

Cornflower blue

Melbourne Cup

This is the day that us men go the biggest and boldest. Large bursts of colour and flamboyant outfits are almost as common as the females stumbling and falling around Flemington due to heels and alcohol. As we said in Part 1 of our Racing Guide, we like to keep the suit traditional and fairly neutral – unless you are rocking a french blue. This choice means you can really make a statement with your accessories. A bold tie and risking pocket square is an absolute must.

Keep the shirt light and crisp, and match it with a vibrant tie with a bold knot. You think your tie is bold? Well we want to see your pocket square even bolder – contrast everything. Take one or two colours from your tie and pop it in your PS, this will allow your combination to compliment each other, rather than perfectly match.

To go that extra mile and solidify your statement, include the yellow rose lapel flower of the Melbourne Cup.


Other Races

To keep things simple for the rest of the racing season, make your outfit a  mixture between the extremes of Derby Day and Melbourne Cup. A solid mixture of traditionalism and boldness can then be achieved. We could bore you for hours talking about what looks good, and what not to do, but really it is up to you. If there is one thing to take away from what we have said, it is to keep your suit fairly neutral with a slight pattern, but throw colour and pattern into your accessories.

Other Essentials


I’m not a hat person. But it is the races, so if you want to rock a nice panama or fedora be my guest, but you better damn pull it off. There is nothing worse than having an ill-fitting and cheap fedora placed on your head and looking like you just tied your New Balance runners and put on your speed dealers to go to the local card store to play a game of Yugioh.


Just a straight up necessity – a cool pair of shades that blend into your outfit well. Don’t over think it, go with something that is classic and no wider than your face. Black, brown,and tortoise shell are all colours that are neutral and work well.

Wrist Wear

An area where you can really impress. Something sleek and timeless is always the best bet as it matches a suit 10 times out of 10. Leave the bulky gold watches that are two cuff links too big at home.





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