We recently had a chat with Nick Shaw, a model and aspiring businessman. Being crowned 2012 Top Model UK Winner, he has been successful in being featured for many modelling campaigns including Armani and Lynx and is represented by London based MOT Models. Nick also boasts degrees in Civil Engineering and Property Development, adding to his sophistication. Nick Shaw knows style. But more importantly as he puts it, he is confident.

Here are the questions we asked Nick….

linebreakWelcome to M&Moi Nick Shaw!

How have things been going in the royal kingdom? Have you enjoyed your summer?

I have thoroughly enjoyed the summer here in London. It has been fantastic. I have tried not to complain too much about the heat so that it stays for a lot longer. What has made it even better is that I have just moved to London in the last 3/4 months so the weather has just kept the gleaming smile on my face.

Your Instagram is truly elegant and stylish. Do you think this reflects the man you are or perhaps want to become?

My Instagram shows the person that I am. I have always said my Instagram is my eyes and I want to share it with people. I love class and elegance but I like a bit of edge at the same time. I always want to be different to everyone else. I want to stand out, not for the bad reasons but for the good.

Have you always had an interest in fashion, cars, watches and the life of a ‘gentleman’? Or do you think the modelling industry helped you shape your style?

Fashion, cars and watches have always been a great passion of mine. One day I would love to bring my own brand of clothing out and start a collection of cars.



On Instagram, what do you think people like to see on a male-oriented blog like yours?

I think they want to see difference. Not just the same old thing every time. That’s what bores people. Mix up your photos, change up your style. Mix colours. I believe if you think the colours and patterns will work they will. Confidence is the key.

Quantity or Quality?

Definitely quality!

I see on your Starnow profile you studied Civil Engineering and Property Development, do you think being an ‘educated’ man gives you an edge?

Maybe it does and maybe it doesn’t. I like to think my education has given me an edge but I couldn’t honestly tell you. One thing that it has given me is the confidence to pursue my dreams.


Photography by Adam Priscak for Watchanish


Money. It’s everywhere. ‘Apparently’ it shapes a man. What is your view on wealth and the relation it has to style?

Money DOES NOT SHAPE A MAN. You are who you are! Yes you can buy nice things but you don’t need nice things to be happy. Being surrounded by the people you love is happiness. And also money doesn’t buy style. You can always find little gems if you look hard enough. You have to want it!

What would be your tips for men who want to look stylish, but can’t afford to buy the expensive brands?

There is stylish and then there is confident. I prefer to be confident rather than stylish. I like to mix and match colours together and whatever I feel works I will wear rather than what is trending right now.. BE CONFIDENT!

linebreakThanks Nick and good luck!

Instagram – @nshawsy or here.

MOT Profile

Starnow Profile

Photos from Adam Priscak and Production from Watch Anish.



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