You may recall we only recently featured an interview with founder of SUITYOURSTYLE, Benjamin Capuano. Well he and the team are back with their winter gallery, and man have they been at work!. In this post, we would like to reiterate the values of SUITYOURSTYLE and how they view their products and services.





The suits are inspired by the ‘deconstructed‘ style of Italian tailoring, easily seen throughout all of the SUITYOURSTYLE product shots. The majority of their suits feature very limited padding, light canvassing and soft shoulders. This approach allows the suit to be an everyday item, and maximise your comfort throughout the day.




Benjamin discusses the products’ style here:

“Our house style is one that encourages a natural drape, in place of a structured silhouette. The main detail in our suits is the classic floating canvas construction. This means the cotton & horsehair interlining between the facing & the shell fabric is only hand stitched inside the body of the jacket, not fused like most ‘off the peg’ suits.”


Benjamin also depicts that tailored clothing is ‘something to grow in to‘. The canvas in the suit will naturally take shape to your body with every wear, and therefore each product will eventually become your own unique piece.




Each item is given special attention when it comes to the little details. Unlike machine made products, these suits have hand made buttonholes and pick stitching to ensure that each piece is of highest quality. These little touches ensure you are receiving the best of the best, and will let you know that your tailor really does take that little bit more of care, for a whole lot of difference. As Ben puts it – ‘commissioning a made to measure suit without hand made finishings, is kind of like putting commodore wheels on your Ferrari.’

What about their fabrics you say? The SUITYOURSTYLE items are made with natural materials, and can feature a wide array of difference fabrics. The showroom comprises of a variety of fine cloth, super wools, cottons, linens, mohair, camelhair and cashmere, not to mention their Japanese Bemberg lining.





For this autumn, winter and daily life beyond, suityourstyle has supplied a refreshed gallery of unique fabrics in differing cuts, weight and construction. Nothing has been made to trend, or for a contrived occasion. Tailored clothing is not shrink to fit, it is something to grow in to. The clothes don’t wear you, you wear them…they fit in with your life. – SUITYOURSTYLE




What is the process of getting a SUITYOURSTYLE product?

Well. You have two options:

Firstly, after measuring a ridiculous number of men over the past years, the team noticed there were patterns to their customers measurements. They found that after considering a customer’s height and weight, they could then place them into a body shape category, and in general each suit made was between 1-3cm from perfection.

Here is what they have to say about choosing a suit from their site:

“It’s a defacto relationship – art & science living together. No two artisan tailors measure the same way, set the shoulder or the sleeve head the same way. They don’t have the vents at the same height, run the jackets the same length or have a universal measuring stick for the openings of armholes, cuffs and sleeves.

Basically if you like what you see in our online shop, that’s what you get, cut to your personal measurements.”

And secondly, there is always the more personalised option; making an appointment. If you do live in the greater Melbourne area, than by all means head in and see the team. Not only will this give you greater comfort in buying the suit, but you will be able to experience the measurements process, and get Benjamin and the team’s quality opinions. The SUITYOURSTYLE showroom is perched on Level 12 of Candela Nuevo, above Queen Street in Melbourne.

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