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TALKING With Bremont Founder Giles English

After recently acquiring a new Bremont Chronometer, I have been fascinated by the short heritage and quick success of the brand. After being founded in only in 2002, Bremont has a very minimal and short history in comparison to other Swiss and European horology veterans. However in such a short amount of time, Nick and Giles English (co-founders and brothers) have managed to turn their creation into a well-known and respected watch brand, which competes with the world’s best.

Another huge fascination I have in the brand is largely contributed to their epic partnerships with heritage brands. For example, Bremont’s collaboration with Jaguar led to an epic collection of watches inspired by the beautiful, and classical Jaguar E-Type. The brand also took part in a collaboration With Matthew Vaugn for the feature film Kingsman where they created three limited edition, high-end timepieces which were worn by the cast in the movie. Other notable brand include Norton, Chivas Regal and more recently the America’s Cup.


However, they don’t just stop there. Bremont was built as an aviation inspired watch company, in which the English brothers paid tribute to their late father, a veteran pilot. If you view all of the collections, there are hints of aviation design and construction in many aspects of their watches. As a result of this branding, Bremont have featured partnerships with Boeing, and many other air force squadrons.  The MB series Bremont released has been adopted as the watch of choice for various high-level air force pilots in England and Europe.

We had a chat to Giles English, to delve a bit deeper into the world of Bremont.


M&Moi: How would you describe Bremont in three words?
Giles: British, engineering, precision

M&Moi: What makes a great watch in your opinion?
Giles: Naturally a mechanical watch and a timeless design is important, but well-engineered and beautifulcraftsmanship is very important. It should of course be accurate (all our watches are COSC tested), if all these are in place the watch will last hundreds of years if serviced.

M&Moi: What is the start-to-finish process for each Bremont time piece?
Giles: Our watches are machined and assembled in the UK using some Swiss components. Designed using our unique Trip-Tick three piece case construction, which allows us to use different materials but it also gives the case a very unique look. So much of a watch is in its finishing and we also apply a hardening treatment to our cases which make it over 2000 Vickers (approximately 7 times harder than your average steel watch).

Due to our Trip-Tick case we are able to incorporate a unique vibration mount technology into our cases, the MB and Supermarine models have vibration mounts that incorporate a soft-iron Faraday cage. This technology was developed through a rigorous testing process with Martin Baker, the world’s largest ejection seat manufacture. All of our core range models are COSC certified chronometers which mean they go through various tests over a 15 day period and we are now in the top 10 largest chronometer producers. We really do pride ourselves on producing one of the most hard wearing and accurate watches on the market and I think this shows in the process that we put each model through.


M&Moi: Why should a man own a high-quality watch?
Giles: A quality timepiece can be a meaningful heirloom that lasts for generations and one of the few pieces of jewellery that most men own that should hold their value and appreciate in time. The watch a man wears can also say a lot about him.

M&Moi: Bremont has had many great partnerships with similar companies, initiatives and projects. What has been your favourite?
Giles: All of our partnerships are very different so I really couldn’t choose a favourite. For us, to work with the likes of Boeing, Jaguar and now the America’s Cup is just fantastic and we are lucky in the fact that all our partnerships have happened very organically. We are also incredibly luckily to work with the likes of Martin Baker who produce 70% of the world’s air-forces with fighter ejection seat technology. Generally our partners also bring new technical skills to our business and are not just marketing initiatives.

M&Moi: Many people baulk at some of the prices marked on watches these days, why do quality timepieces come with such a high price tag?
Giles: A good watch will last forever, built using the best materials and put together with an incredible amount of craftsmanship and skill which requires years of training. A mechanical watch is the most accurate mechanical device on the planet and not easy to make!

M&Moi: What is Bremont’s vision for watchmaking in the future?
Giles: Our aim is definitely to bring all our watching making back to these shores. We are already making considerable investment in our UK manufacturing at our facilities in Henley and Silverstone and are on a very exciting journey. We are totally committed and passionate about bringing back watch-making to the UK. Yes the smart watch market will grow but we still feel there will always be a place for beautifully crafted mechanical watches.



Want to find out more about the brand and their heritage? Watch the below video or check out their website.


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