Telegram Denim

Telegram is about to launch their first line of premium,hand-made denim jeans, on June 7 to be exact. Everything they produce comes straight from the heart of Brooklyn. This is literally some How To Make It In America S**t.

The essence of Telegran is pretty simple. Skinny jeans that are stylish and high-quality, but designed, measured, cut and sewn locally in New York. Good quality product, made by quality people in an authentic way is hard to come by these days, so I think what Telegram are doing is pretty cool, and respectable. It is funny to think that nowadays you can find a point of different in making things the proper way.


Because of the fact the jeans are made in such an authentic way, this obviously means that they can’t pump out millions of items a year. So, this incurs that their jeans will be released in small runs, which gives them a nice hint of exclusivity, on top of the already excellent quality and cut.

The first collection consists of a black and denim blue pair, and definitely won’t last long. Want to hear more about the brand or pre-order a pair? Just head to their website.


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