The Twelve Tailors Guide To Dating

Kanye once said “fashion breaks my heart“, so today we’re going to break down what it takes to properly stunt out in 2015… The power of Kanye compels you.

So the first thing you’ll need for a date, is someone to do it with.

There are things you can do/not do, to increase your chances of receiving a solid yes, when asking out your dream girl (as opposed to being called creepy).


Don’t act like being called creepy isn’t the worst thing ever.



1. Wearing menacing slogan t-shirts:

Asking a girl to ‘come around’ while flexing your ‘Don’t mess with Texas‘ tee is a sure fire eyebrow raiser.


2. Having less than 100 Instagram followers:

Girls love to date guys that are more internet famous than they are, but if you haven’t got one thousand followers, at least make sure you have 100. Nothing says ‘I’m a boring weirdo’ than only having 27 followers on a ‘social’ account.


3. Girls love to laugh:

But laughing AT you is not the same. Hawaiian shirts are for guys who blow their nose into their hand on the train… & Hawaiians. Try a relaxed blazer & cotton pants. Easy.


Coach over & out.



*Dating Guide from Twelve Tailors


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