The Versatile Gent is one of Australia’s leading men’s lifestyle blogs. The blog was founded by stylish duo James and Tom, and has thrived since it’s birth in 2012. Their Facebook page boasts a whopping 19,000 likes and their national following is second to none. I believe the gents have found success through their original content and professional approach to the blogging scene. If you haven’t liked their Facebook page already, or subscribed to their blog, believe me when I say you’re missing out.



Everything the duo post or comment on their blog is well thought out, and executed with perfection.  Their small catchphrase/slogan ‘always on point‘ actually represents them too well. Check out an excerpt from their About section of their site to give you a better understanding of what they do:


“The Versatile Gent is an online source and library for the quintessential modern man. The website facilitates a bespoke view on current trends in men’s style. Constrained not to fashion alone, the Versatile Gent endeavours to expose the many facets of an aspirational man’s world.

An underlying ambition of the website is to help mould young gentlemen of today into well rounded, confident and aspirational people. Currently few publications achieve this in a holistic way. TVG presents unique male focused content from which readers can draw inspiration, gain knowledge and develop opinions.”


With down to earth personalities, and a no frills approach, the two boys will continue to build their following, and online presence. As I have followed the blog for quite a while now, I couldn’t resist finding out a little bit more about The Versatile Gent. Below is an interview we did with James, along with 5 reasons we have always loved TVG.


#1 – TVG do epic competitions with industry leaders, collaborations and also have their own signature products


Hi Gents, how are we?

Busy! Busy but good.
What has been going on for you as of late?
We’ve spent the first half of the year working on our website redesign which has come up pretty well we think. Just spent the last few weeks finalising our new media kit and working on some cool projects with Audi and Range Rover.
What is TVG and what do you do?
I tell people TVG is an online men’s lifestyle magazine, not a blog. We endeavour to publish the best quality men’s interest content in Australia. On top of that we spend a lot of time building our Facebook community, pitching unique promotions that our fans can get involved with and shooting as much original content as possible.


#2 – They certainly know a thing or two about dressing well…


When did you start the blog, and gain an interest in the fashion and men’s lifestyle scene?
The website went live in the first week of June 2012 – almost at our second birthday! Although I have always loved the finer things in life, I wouldn’t say I was as drawn to the fashion and lifestyle scene as much as the concept itself – I personally was first and foremost a car guy. We just thought the internet lacked a platform like ours so we created it. Along the way however we have grown an insatiable thirst for niche menswear and haute horology.
What do you do outside of the blog?
We both used to work in social media, Tom still does. I now work on the website full time.
What is your biggest tip for men in regards to fashion?
The thing I always prioritise with is ‘fit’. I’m convinced that above everything else this factor is the most important. I am constantly at the seamstress getting my clothes altered – it makes the biggest difference especially if you have a body that doesn’t suit ‘off the rack’ (like mine).
What is the biggest mistake men make in their dress?
Fit! This is why I prioritise with it so much. Jacket shoulders and trouser length are the worst areas. I also think guys try to hard, nonchalance is the key. Oh and black suits, I don’t even know why people are still making them.


#3 – They enjoy the finer things in life…


Where do you get your inspiration from?
I spend a lot of time on Tumblr, it’s a great place to start your day. I love the Italian sprezzatura, relaxed knots, wide lapels and deconstructed jackets but I love traditional English shoes and tailoring just as much. I’m always trying to find the perfect balance between the two. I also follow a lot of great Aussie guys on Instagram, the scene here is immense.  Check out (@C_Kimber, @apmmillions, @Nami_man, @aaroncgh, @nabilmust to name but a few!)





You always seem to feature promotions with top brands such as BMW and Audi, they obviously value your opinion and following, how do you gain such a strong interest and respect?
Firstly, I think we got in at a great time. Years ago brands didn’t see the value in the digital landscape. But in saying that I was also buying media at an Australian agency and we couldn’t find a decent mens platform that wasn’t your standard GQ.
We’ve spent the last 2 years building strong relationships with these brands and a dedicated audience. These big brands have changed there way of thinking, looking past traditional media and now see how valuable our online audience is, and how cost effective reaching them is.


#4 – TGV get to drive epic rides, and feature some of the best cars on offer


What’s next for The Versatile Gent?
We’ve got a really exciting Audi promo coming up where readers will have the opportunity to win an RS4 Avant for the weekend to take on their own adventure. We’re also doing some cool stuff with an Aussie tailor and we’re also working on some more accessories. Stay tuned!


#5 – Their Facebook page is the best in Australia
Thanks lads.

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