Rock n Roll Suicide Scrub

Triumph & Disaster Rock & Roll Scrub at Mr Hardy’s

Although men have begun to take more appreciation in their physical appearance through dressing well and looking after their body, many still stray away from proper skin care. It is essential that you wash your face every day and use a scrub one or two times a week to exfoliate and get rid of any dead skin and who knows what else.

Ben Mos, founder of Mr.Hardys Gentlemen’s Emporium  recently got in contact with me and told me that I had to try this new face scrub called Rock & Roll Face Scrub from Trumph & Disaster.  Seeing as there was nothing to lose from a bit of exfoliation, I gladly accepted.

I received his sample and promptly used it that night in the shower. I opened the jar and was gifted with a lovely natural fragrance which featured hints of tea tree. For me this was a big plus – many males are already shied away from the ‘femininity’ of skin care, and sweetly scented products aren’t helping anyone.


The application in the shower was excellent. I took a thumb sized swab from the jar, mixed it on my hands with a heap of water, and in no time had excellent facial treatment. The coarseness of the scrub was perfect for my skin – not too thin so it wasn’t effective, but not too coarse that it was painful or damaging.

I continued to massage the scrub around my face for around 30 seconds, giving lots of attention to the crevasses next to my nose where dead cells usually hide. After application my skin felt revived and smooth and I immediately remembered the benefits of such a process.

Face scrub obviously isn’t the most exciting item to talk about, but it is a necessity and the benefits for those who look after their skin and endless.



If you want to check out the product you can get it here or check out the video below.



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