Twelve Tailors: Functional Uniforms

Renowned Melbourne tailor and sartorialist Benjamin Capuano has only recently launched his latest tailoring business, but has already begun producing excellent, natural suiting and menswear. His new venture is called Twelve Tailors and a brand which we think will make good head-way within the Melbourne menswear industry.

His less is more approach gives a refreshed look to the current suiting market, and provides immense possibility for those who want to create a unique and high-quality outfit. Ben has an approach to his tailoring which takes out a lot of the ‘tricks’ like padding, which has traditionally given ‘structure’ to a suit.

Ben is still located in the Candela Nuevo private penthouse and club in Melbourne, and uses the finest fabric mills of Italy and England.

We honestly don’t want to say much more, we only want you to take a look at the first batch of images Twelve Tailors have released to give an insight into what is to come. Enjoy.


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