Watches You Can Afford #2

After some great response to our first edition of Watches You Can Afford, we bring you some more options if you are after a new timepiece. In this digital age, there are few that still buy a watch for it’s time telling complexity and quality, as the majority simply want something affordable that looks great. Here are a few brands and individual items we think are great and two tracks to play while you take a look!

Triwa ($390+)

Why: Great quality, unique and cool aesthetic designs, free express delivery (from Sydney)


Melbourne Watch Co ($395+)

Why: Created in Melbourne, timeless design, high-quality components


BRATHWAIT ($150-$185)

Why: Timeless design, awesome buckle-strap, cheaper than a Daniel Wellington




Fossil ($149+)

Why: Great quality for lower price point, simple designs



Tissot ($225-$8000)

Why: Extremely good quality, good history and brand recognition, and large price range


Tsovvet SVT-CN38 ($200)

Why: Simple watch with some modernistic elements



G Shock GA300 ($169)

Why: Robust sports watch which is great for casual wear and adventure, affordable



Nixon ($149+)

Why: Very inexpensive, good customer service and simple watches

Tip: These are featured on a lot of online stores so check out these stores when they are having a sale



Tommy Hilfiger ($140+)

Why: Not the most high quality watch, but great aestic elements

Tip: Buy these at Myer or David Jones on a sale (Boxing day is coming up)


Kenneth Cole ($170+)

Why: Very subtle and detailed designs, good price point

Tip: Buy these at Myer or David Jones on a sale (Boxing day is coming up)



Ted Baker ($180+)

Why: Something a bit different, very subtle, extremely cool brand


Skagen Holst ($180)

Why: Very unique design and cool dials, high-quality brand, thin watch case



Skagen Ancher ($220)



Lacoste Austin ($267)

Why: Designer brand, simple design and nice coloured strap



Hugo Boss ($150-$500)

Why: Timeless watches with simple and elegant designs, heavy cases which show signs of higher quality watch, inexpensive for this brand

Tip: Buy these at Myer or David Jones on a sale (Boxing day is coming up)


Think we missed something? Leave a comment or drop us an email. If not…give it a share or a like!

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